We Offer

Website Commercial Videos

Every business has a message & product they offer. With audiences reading less content online a commercial video is a great way to personally greet & show your clients who and what your business is all about.

Company Bio Videos

We all like to know who we are talking to or possibly working with. With a Bio Video you are able to introduce yourself in a 30 second to One minute clip. These videos can be linked to your email signature or in the "about" part of your website.

Business Video Marketing

 Our marketing videos are created to help educate & engage your viewer so that they will have a better understanding of what you are offering as a business. This video acts as a 24hr sales tool and is typically longer in length.

Convention/Event Videos

A convention video is a great way to attract more attendees and build a broder audience. Our convention videos will capture all the excitment, vendors, performances, and audience interactions. This is great for first time or repeating conventions.

Graphic Videos

A graphic video can be anything you want. This video utilizes no live action shooting and is completely computer generated besides the narrating of a voice over artist. Our graphics video can be designed to be 2D or 3D.

Product Demo Videos

While pictures say 100 words, video speaks 1,000 words. Product videos can be produced to show a step by step process or as a demo to show how it is used. These videos give your clients a good visual of what to expect before making a purchase and how your product is different from other competitors.  

New Kingdom Productions, LLC